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Streamline and upgrade your sports academy with SKonnect AMS

Work with a one-stop academy management tool to organize and oversee every detail of your academy's activities.

Academy managers face many challenges in their efforts to effectively manage and run an academy, this is an extremely challenging and time-consuming task. Several academy administration tasks include continuous monitoring and tracking, from handling registrations to following up on payments. It can be challenging to track in monthly registrations and even on excel sheets on the corresponding platforms.

SKonnect AMS
SKonnect AMS

To address this issue and assist sports academy owners with management, SKonnect AMS, a SportsKingdom product, is presently simplifying more than 80 academies worldwide. These academies offer instruction in a variety of sports, such as swimming, martial arts, volleyball, football, cricket, and basketball. Let us have a look on a few pointers about SKonnect AMS;

  1. Managing registrations with SKonnect AMS only takes a few simple steps. You can quickly and simply manage waiting lists, track enrollment figures, and register new students using our user-friendly software.

  2. An essential component of any sports academy's operations is the processing of payments and reminders. AMS makes it simple to handle payments, remind recipients, and keep track of previous payments all in one location.

  3. You can easily arrange and manage classes, clinics, and other events using our session and slot management features. You can check which slots are available and assign them to the right coaches and trainees with our user-friendly calendar system.

  4. It can be difficult to assign coaches and trainees to sessions, but SKonnect AMS makes it simple which ensures that your academy is always staffed and prepared for business.

  5. AMS facilitates the management of camps or special training sessions in addition to regular sessions. You can easily plan and oversee these events, which will help you increase revenue and expand your sports academy.

SKonnect AMS will support your whole administration, regardless of whether your academy serves a single sport or multiple sports. In the next article, we will look at another five special features of SKonnect AMS, which is a whole ecosystem for sports coaching, not just an academy management system. To know more about our product or if you have any queries, drop us an email on or visit 

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