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SKonnect Social: One-Stop Sports Social Platform, connecting Coaches and Students

In a world that thrives on connection and shared experiences, SKonnect Social emerges as a vibrant platform that unites sports enthusiasts, players, and coaches. With various features tailored for the sports community, Skonnect is not just a social network; it's a dynamic arena where passion meets expertise. Before diving into the Social’s exciting features that make SKonnect Social the go-to platform for sports enthusiasts, let’s know what SKonnect is, as a complete ecosystem.

SKonnect Social
SKonnect Social

SKonnect is committed to building the world’s largest and most comprehensive ecosystem for sports. We believe that sports have the power to unite people and bring them together. By incorporating sports into your daily routine, we aim to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and cultivate lasting relationships with those around you. With SKonnect AMS, an academy management software, SKonnect Social, a one-stop sports social platform, and SKonnect Arena, your ultimate stop to book your favorite sports arena and enjoy with your friends, SKonnect is a complete ecosystem for sporting enthusiasts.

SKonnect Social: Witness the pulse of the sports world right on the homepage. The most recent and captivating videos that registered users have uploaded are shown in Social's Trending Videos feature. Users are taken to the exciting world of sports through trending videos, which feature everything from brilliant plays to enlightening training sessions. Unleash your creativity and talent with Social's easy-to-use Upload feature. Share your sports skill directly from your phone, get it reviewed by top coaches on the platform, and kickstart your journey. Receive personalized feedback and reviews from certified coaches on the platform. Social isn't just about sharing; it's about your sporting and sports skills growth. It's like having a coaching session right at your fingertips. Navigate the vast world of sports content with ease. The Search Content feature allows users to explore videos from other players and coaches. Whether you are into specific drills or match analysis videos. Skonnect Social ensures that you find the content that fuels your passion.

Apply as Coach/SKonnector: Elevate your profile by applying as a Coach or SKonnector. Gain traction like a verified profile on other social media platforms. Showcase your expertise, share your insights, and inspire the Skonnect Social community. Sports fans may come together on Skonnect Social, a community-driven platform, to share, learn, and develop as a group. Skonnect Social, with its cutting-edge features made for effortless communication and teamwork, is the platform where sports passion comes to life.

Join the community, explore the features, and let SKonnect Social be the canvas for your sports story. Download it for FREE;


Stay tuned with us for more updates on SKonnect. To know more about our product or if you have any queries, drop us an email at or visit 

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