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SKonnect: Dive to know our latest features

SKonnect; a one-stop sports social platform, stands out as the ideal answer in a world where sports fans look for methods to interact, communicate, and keep informed with their favorite players, coaches, and other fans. This cutting-edge sports social media platform offers a smooth and immersive experience unlike anything else, catering to the varied demands of sports enthusiasts across the globe.


Let’s have a look at the key highlights from our latest release; Release 3.3.16;

  • Engage with favorite content through seamless likes, comments, reactions and video-sharing options

  • Discover trending videos for the hottest and latest content.

  • Easily search for preferred videos using keywords within the app.

  • New looks on the coach review screen and overall UI improvements

  • Enjoy a smoother streaming experience with optimized video loading times.

  • Navigate effortlessly with an improved and user-friendly interface.

  • Discover, View Profiles, follow Coaches, Players, SKonnectors and get followed back.

SKonnect is committed to building the world’s largest and most comprehensive ecosystem for sports. We believe that sports have the power to unite people and bring them together. By incorporating sports into your daily routine, we aim to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and cultivate lasting relationships with those around you.

Join the community, explore the features, and let SKonnect Social be the canvas for your sports story. Download it for FREE;


Stay tuned with us for more updates on SKonnect. To know more about our product or if you have any queries, drop us an email at or visit 

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