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Mr. Mansingh Nigade: A Cricketing Journey

Updated: 4 days ago

Mansingh Nigade, a proficient right-hand top-order batsman and skilled leg spinner, has been deeply passionate about cricket from a young age. His journey in the cricketing world is a blend of remarkable achievements and dedicated efforts:

Mansingh Nigade
Mr. Mansingh Nigade

Early Life and Education: Born on 2nd October 1986, Mansingh's talent for cricket blossomed alongside his academic pursuits. He completed his education in SY Commerce while actively honing his cricketing skills.

Training and Certifications: Mansingh's commitment to cricket led him to complete Level 1 Coaching Certification courses at Ace Cricket Excellence Centre and CricKingdom. These certifications further enriched his understanding of the game and equipped him with coaching expertise.

Career Highlights: Mansingh's cricketing prowess earned him recognition early on. He was selected for India's Under 19 World Cup probable squad in 2006, showcasing his potential at a national level. Representing Maharashtra in esteemed tournaments like the Ranji Trophy and Vijay Hazare Trophy was added to his list of notable achievements.

International Experience: Mansingh's cricketing journey extended beyond Indian borders. He played for Donaghcloney Cricket Club in Northern Ireland, where his performances as a professional cricketer and mentor were commendable. His stint in the American Recreational Cricket League in Seattle, USA, further showcased his skills on an international platform.

League Representation: Mansingh's contributions to professional leagues are noteworthy. Leading teams like Singhgad Supremoes and Shivneri Lions in the Maharashtra Premiere T20 League, along with representing renowned clubs in Mumbai and Hyderabad, highlighted his batting prowess and leadership abilities.

Coaching Excellence: Transitioning from a player to a coach, Mansingh established Sahara Cricket Academy in Pune, where he nurtured young talents and coached IPL players and international cricketers. His coaching endeavors reflected his deep understanding of the game and commitment to developing cricketing talent.

Awards and Recognition: Mansingh's consistent performances and exceptional skills earned him several awards, including recognition for his batting prowess, fielding abilities, and overall contributions to cricket.

Recent Engagements: Mansingh remains actively engaged in cricket, representing teams in prestigious leagues and tournaments. His leadership on the field and continued excellence serve as an inspiration to aspiring cricketers worldwide.

Mansingh Nigade's cricketing journey is a testament to his dedication, skill, and passion for the game. His achievements, both as a player and a coach, have left a lasting impact on the cricketing community, making him a revered figure in the cricketing world.

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