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Introducing SKonnect Features v3.3.19: Elevate Your Sporting Experience

A one-stop shop for sports social media, SKonnect stands out as the perfect solution in a world where sports fans search for ways to engage, connect, and stay updated with their preferred players, coaches, and fellow supporters.

SKonnect v3.3.19

We are thrilled to announce the latest version of SKonnect Social, v3.3.19, designed to take your sports journey to new heights. With exciting features tailored for sports enthusiasts, SKonnect continues redefining how you engage with your favorite sports content. Let's delve into the key highlights of this release:

1. Explore New Trending and Educational (Learn) Videos: Dive into a world of curated trending and educational videos, keeping you informed and entertained with the latest in sports.

2. Recommended Videos on the Video-Playing Screen: Discover personalized video recommendations directly on the video-playing screen, ensuring you never miss out on content that resonates with your interests.

3. Four Additional Video Reaction Options: Express yourself comprehensively with four additional video reaction options, enhancing your interaction and engagement with sports content.

4. Filtered Reviewers by Sports: When adding reviewers (Coaches and SKonnectors), easily filter them by sports, making connecting with experts relevant to your favorite sports conveniently.

5. SK Level-wise Coach Allocation: Experience personalized coaching allocation based on SK levels and specific criteria, with badges awarded for each level achieved, adding gamification elements to your sports journey.

6. Coaches Can Delete Their Own Published Reviews: Ensure content accuracy and relevance as coaches now can delete their own published reviews.

7. Enhanced Search with More User Details: Enjoy an improved search experience with access to more user details, making it easier to find and connect with the right people within the SKonnect community.

8. Quick Reviewer Details with Popup Box: Check reviewer details swiftly with a convenient popup box, streamlining your interaction process and saving time.

9. Expertise and Sports Display for Coaches: Coaches can showcase their expertise and sports specialization while applying, helping users make informed decisions when connecting with coaches.

10. Updated UI for Profile: Enjoy an updated UI for your profile with improved performance, enhancing your overall experience on SKonnect Social.

11. Users Can See Followers Count When Adding Reviewers: Gain insights into reviewer credibility and popularity as users can now see the follower count when adding reviewers to their videos.

12. Video-Verified Text for Verified Videos: Verified videos in MyVideos now display a "Video-verified" text on the video card, adding authenticity and trust to the content.

With these new features, SKonnect Social v3.3.19 empowers you to discover, connect, and engage with sports content and experts in a personalized and meaningful way. Join the SKonnect community today and elevate your sports experience like never before!

Join the community, explore the features, and let SKonnect Social be the canvas for your sports story.

Download it for FREE;

Stay tuned with us for more updates on SKonnect. To know more about our product or if you have any queries, drop us an email at or visit  

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