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Find your perfect coach with SKonnect!

Updated: Mar 4

Do you want to grow your sporting skills? Finding the ideal coach for your objectives is our priority at SKonnect, where we put you in close coordination with the top instructors. You can feel secure in your selection because we evaluate coaches using an open and impartial system.

SKonnect : One-Stop Sports Social Platform

Let’s look on how this works:

SK Levels : We categorize the onboarded coaches on 5 levels. These are:

  • SK Level 1 (Foundation Coach) : Ideal for beginners, these coaches offer support and guidance for basic skill development.

  • SK Level 2 (Advanced Coach) : Offering personalized strategies and encouragement, these coaches help you elevate your skills to a new level.

  • SK Level 3 (Specialist Coach) : Experienced and specialized, these coaches provide tailored support and development for players seeking significant improvement.

  • SK Level 4 (Expert Coach) : Offering refined coaching and insightful direction, these coaches are at the top of their game.

  • SK Level 5 (Mastery Coach) : Renowned experts, these coaches nurture expertise and mastery, guiding you towards the highest levels of performance.

Evaluating Coaches :  Four factors will be considered for evaluating the SK Levels, which are:

  • Coaching Experience : This includes working with teams at various levels (Club, District, State, etc.) and the duration of experience.

  • Certifications : Recognized certifications from reputable sporting bodies demonstrate the coach's commitment to continuous learning.

  • Popularity : While not the sole factor, a coach's social media presence can indicate their engagement with the sporting community. However, we emphasize the importance of relevant content related to the specific sport.

  • Verification : SKonnect ensures the authenticity of all listed coaches, verifying their information and credentials.


Finding the Right Coach : You can select the coach that best fits your goals and experience by being aware of the evaluation criteria and SK levels. SK offers the ideal coach to assist you in realizing your goals, regardless of your level of experience or goal of mastery! The iconic emblem (in the app) represents coaches rated from SK Level 1 to SK Level 5. These coaches are handpicked based on their experience and adherence to guidelines. They're recognized for their expertise and proficiency in their field, making them highly respected within the sporting community.

SKonnector : This icon emblem (in the app) represents the distinguished category of celebrity coaches renowned for their extensive expertise in a particular sport. With years of coaching experience, spanning across domestic as well as international arenas, they have actively mentored students and guided major teams. Their participation in prestigious global tournaments underscores their profound impact in the sporting landscape. Additionally, their strong social media presence reflects their commitment to engaging with fans and fellow professionals, solidifying their influential status in the sporting community.

Key Note : Look for coaches with engaging and informative content on their social media platforms related to your chosen sport. This demonstrates their expertise and passion for the game!

Join the community, explore the features, and let SKonnect be the canvas for your sports story. DOWNLOAD it for FREE;


Stay tuned with us for more updates on SKonnect. To know more about our product or if you have any queries, drop us an email at or visit 

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